2021. 8 x 14 feet. Semi-permanent mural composed of digitally scanned and enlarged silver gelatin pinhole prints. Created for Rooms to Let festival in Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, OH. Located at 5416 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44127.

Hamlet, McBride, Mumford, Barkwill, Portage: these are a number of the Slavic Village streets I traversed while working on these pinhole prints. Broadway Avenue is a bustling transportation artery and I sought to create images on roads directly off of the avenue as a way to meditate on spaces one may not encounter by simply driving through the neighborhood on that main route.

The process I chose, pinhole photography, is one rooted in careful consideration of the environment. I watched the sky for clouds and counted the seconds of each exposure. The images created using the camera were negatives, which I then contact printed in the darkroom to create positives. Off-Broadway features 8 pairs of negative and positive prints. The prints possess a dreamlike quality furthered by the shape of the camera, which was created using a cylindrical oatmeal container that imparts a wide-angle view. 

Special thanks to: Cleveland Print Room, Alicia Cowan, Kevin Naughton, and Quinn Steinwachs