Views from Knox County

2014. Silver gelatin prints. 7 x 7 inches.

Perched atop a hill in Central Ohio, Kenyon College might feel like a bubble if not for various transportation methods: a bicycle, the shuttle, a friend’s vehicle. During my time as a student, I’d take the bus to Mount Vernon, the closest town, and peer out the window, fields and ancient trees flying across my vision. I’d chat with the operator about the particular slant of light through a spun-sugar textured insect nest and the way a specific house looked crooked on a hill. When I realized my days in Knox County were waning, the scenes I viewed on drives began to feel fleeting and I sought to capture that transience on film. A friend sat in the driver’s seat, navigating bumpy backroads, while I stuck my upper body out the passenger side window and shot photos with my Holga camera.