Rooms to Let Installation


2019. Quikrete, found objects, chicken wire, staples, paint. Dimensions variable. Installation created for Rooms to Let immersive art experience in Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, OH.

This project originated in 2013, when I was exploring the concept of altering the meaning of an object by changing its surface. I sought to subvert the notion of comfort by covering an easy chair—a living room fixture often associated with relaxation—with Quikrete. In this installation, I further investigate the idea by altering the surface area of objects composing a scene throughout an entire room. During the time I initially began this exercise in materiality, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I knew little of the disease and through research learned that a main cause is attributed to buildup of a certain protein that leads to plaque formation on the brain’s neural pathways. The subversion of the comfortable and the familiar via a Quikrete covering thus developed into a way to grapple with my newfound knowledge about the onset of neural plaque and its effects on the brain. Through this installation, I seek to explore themes such as the nature of memory, the relationship between home and memory, and the impact of memory loss.